Workshops are a great starting point to an exciting learning journey whatever be the degree of mastery. Workshops at Quest especially come with a guarantee — the facilitators are incredibly passionate about their work that it would certainly inspire you!

Quest’s facilitators are experts, entrepreneurs and an inspiration in their respective field of work. Through their guided learning practices, you would be a happy learner while you hone some super skills.

4-6 Years
7-12 Years
13-18 Years
The Big Picture: A watercolour painting workshop
Date 20th Dec
Duration 1 hour/day (5days)
Suitable For Ages 7-12,13-17,adults
Cost Rs. 2000 (Materials not included)
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Events at Quest are fun, inclusive, curated for different age groups and cater to a variety of interests and abilities. 

Individualised Engagement Programme

The Individualised Engagement Programme (IEP) is truly individualised as children can completely design their own learning path in their chosen field of interest. Our facilitators help them understand their interests, evaluate their needs and commit to particular interests or activities, and help them decide how far ahead they would like to learn a particular interest. These conversations help kids understand the depths of all the interests we offer, and they can choose activities they would like to pursue under each interest, creating a customised individualised learning plan for themselves.

Our IEP is the perfect way for children to discover themselves! This after school programme is for children aged 4 – 12, from 4PM to 7PM, Monday to Friday. IEP is designed for many different kinds of learners and is truly individualised as children can completely design their own learning path in their chosen field of interest. Every activity is carefully curated in such a manner that it taps into multiple intelligences that children can hone. Learners who have enrolled for IEP mostly pursue a variety of interests or explore one deeply. We employ Bloom’s Taxonomy, a model which encourages higher forms of thinking such as analysing and evaluating concepts, processes, procedures, and principles, rather than just remembering facts (rote learning). In addition to knowledge and skills, our passionate facilitators help build character through conversations and discussions. We strongly believe that children are happy, curious learners and when allowed to own their learning, they take initiative and responsibility. Self-directed Learning has always been our guiding principle and we believe that self-directed learning is not a lack of adult involvement, but is simply a lack of adult force or control. The freedom to learn whatever one desires, without judgement, compulsion or an end goal dictated by others is an utterly illuminating way of learning. We provide the perfect environment for children to be the best learners they can be.